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Load and energy Measurement

Nowadays, energy is becoming a major issue world-wide as the demand for energy increases a year after the other. With the ever rising energy cost, looking for solutions to reduce the energy cost is becoming a major concern for everyone, especially factory owners.

Since the cost of energy directly affects the cost of a product, it’s always a main concern for owners and factory managers to try as much as possible to reduce the energy cost in order to reduce the product cost hence increasing competency.

Although reducing energy cost may seem a complicated thing to do, it all comes to down to the understanding of what consumes energy in a facility and whether or not the energy is efficiently consumed or not. For that particular reason, Qodra Energy provides its Load and Energy Measurement service.  This is achieved by installing the Dhybrid Webportal Energy Meter (WPEM) at your facility which provides real-time data such as:  

  • Load profile
  • Energy consumption for an period of time
  • Power factor
  • Harmonics
  • Active/reactive/apparent power
  • Current
  • Voltage

Based on this information, the WPEM provides you with visual and analytical measurement of the energy consumption so the energy consumption can then be optimized and reduced. In addition, the measured load profile allows you to determine the optimum PV system size that can result in the best energy saving for self-consumption PV systems. This is achieved by simulating the performance of a PV system with a predetermined capacity and matching it with the existing load profile.

For more information about the WPEM and how it can benefit you, please contact us.

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